Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday's Tot Talks: The hospital bag & Labour playlist

A few weeks ago, I packed (most of) our hospital bag to take to the IWK with us whenever I go into labour. I have to admit, I really do not enjoy this task. It is like packing for a vacation that you don't know when you're going to take (and it's not the most relaxing vacation although it IS amazing and worth it!). I hate that you can't pack everything at once, and you can't (in my opinion/experience) leave all the packing until you are in labour either (especially with a second child). For instance, I am going to need my contacts & glasses...but I use those every day, so I can't really pack them! I also want to bring my pillow from home, but I use that every night. Same goes for the camera which we use... Etc etc.

Anyway, my solution to this problem has been to pack everything I don't use regularly and have a list on my phone of things that need to be packed when it's go-time. When I had Molly, we were in the hospital for almost a week from start to finish, so Brian came home once or twice to pick up a few extra necessities that we had either run out of, or didn't think to bring. I think he will come home once or twice this time around too, just to see Molly or shower at home or something.

I also wanted to mention that I downloaded a great app to time contractions and keep track of them for me - there are hundreds of them for iPhone and Android...it is so nice to be able to see if your contractions are getting closer together and to share this with your nurse or admitting doctor.

1) All toiletries (shampoo, body wash, etc) and I am also bringing make-up and hair products so that I feel like myself after a grueling experience, heavy sanitary pads although they are often supplied
2) Loose-fitting clothing and PJs (yoga pants/sweat pants/maternity clothes), shirts that are easy to breastfeed with, a sweater, nursing bras, loose-fitting underwear, socks, slippers, hubby clothing
3) Your own pillow or whatever you require to sleep well (I am bringing ear plugs too in case there is a lot of noise in the hospital), I am also bringing a microwaveable heating pad that helps me sleep & an extra blanket because I froze in the hospital last time
4) Cell phone and charger (and small speaker if you want to listen to music during labour - see below)
5) Camera
6) Breastfeeding supplies (I have a cover and a nursing pillow, both of which are coming)
7) Hand lotion and chapstick
8) Diapers and sleepers for the baby (required at our hospital) as well as as a "going home" outfit, soother for the baby if you want one, diaper cream if required
9) Baby carseat and blankets
10) Laptop or tablet...you will have SOME downtime unless you have thousands of visitors
11) Snacks for yourself or hubby - our hospital is great with the food but sometimes you just need something quickly
12) Water bottle
13) Some cash for purchases from hospital Tim Horton's etc (unnecessary but we will probably have some on hand)

If you ever read Molly's birth story, you know I was in labour for days, but I am hoping that it goes smoother this time around. I have started making some playlists of songs I want to listen to possibly when I'm in labour or if I need an extra boost during labour. There are many researched benefits to listening to music while in labour, but I didn't do it AT ALL with my first labour, and I don't know why.  I also have a playlist to listen to in the hospital with headphones if I need it to get to sleep or I want to relax etc. Some of this music is the kind of thing that most people wouldn't really listen to in this situation, but everyone has their own musical tastes, right? :)

Here's some of my happy playlist if I need it during labour (this is mostly just familiar music or what I've been listening to lately): - I will likely add more fiddle music to this one :)

Here's the "I need more energy, pump it up!" labour playlist (I need to add to this from workout music in my iTunes):

Why don't they make these kinds of playlists on Songza, anyway? ;)

Any recommendations for me?? 


  1. Love the playlist ideas!! This is awesome.

  2. I absolutely love that you have playlists!!

  3. Oh my gosh Heather!! I wrote a list out of the things I needed to bring with me that I use every day. But at one point, I was so shocked that I was in labour that I started packing really stupid things. I found two bananas in my bag .. and I was like- when did I throw those in my bag?!

    I never thought to listen to music- that's a really good idea! I always like to listen to pump up music when I'm working out.. why wouldn't I when I was doing the hardest physical thing I'd ever done in my life...!? You're so smart. And YES- snacks are a must. Rob's mom was in town and filled our mini fridge! It was amazing the night after Alina was born.. I was starving!


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