Thursday, March 20, 2014

The mouse and the very lucky Brian behind this blog!

I have been out of the blogging circle this week! I had 2 fun posts planned, but they weren't quite done and a few things got in my way this week (no baby yet though!!!)

Mainly, I am just feeling really exhausted...I haven't slept the best this week & Brian and Molly are both still a bit under the weather so I am just trying like crazy to avoid getting sick!!

On top of that, there is/was a MOUSE in my office at work. It was in a co-worker's office first, then ran into mine and I definitely squealed. I am not scared of very many things, but mice do not sit well with me at ALL. We had several in our house growing up, which you would think isn't a super big deal, but I didn't like seeing them (dead or alive). My dad also had this really torturous game that he played with me when I was about 9-10 in which he would hide a little stuffed mouse on me. I found it once on my seatbelt in the car, in my lunchbox, in my shoe, in my backpack, by my toothbrush...etc etc. I had a panic attack every time I saw the stuffed mouse, so now my stress level around mice is about a 15 out of 10. There are about 5 traps set up in my office alone now, although the little guy is probably long gone. It's pretty distracting, to say the least! When I told my dad about the mouse, he said "haha. You should name the baby Mickey, in honour of the mouse in your 38th week". Haha...ummmm no. 

However...none of that really has to do with the blog! Somehow, I managed to convince my loving husband to answer more questions for the Boys Behind the Blog series this month!! I love it! (And I love him too!) I'd even go so far as to say that I am LUCKY to have him during this lucky month of March. hehe. My responses to his responses are in blue :)

Reading to Molly last year

1. What's your lucky number? was my dad's baseball number, and I just went with it.
2. Do you have a lucky charm? Nope, can't say that I do (what he meant to say was that I am his lucky charm ;))
3. Do you fill out a bracket for March Madness? Who do you want to win? I was supposed to, we do one at work but I was sick the day it was due and forgot to do it from home...(we don't follow basketball at ALL though)
4. March 10th is "Middle Name Pride Day." What's your middle name? Joseph, I guess I do like it, it's after my dad 
5. Submit one question that would would like to see on a future The Boys Behind the Blog. 
Do you read your wife's blog? (he is curious about this because he doesn't read mine unless I specifically direct him to a good post).

Check out all the other Boys Behind the Blog questions for the link-up on Mal or Stephanie's blogs today!! 

Mal Smiles

I'll be back tomorrow with 5 on Friday and some pictures of our week!!


  1. I bet you really are his lucky charm and he just doesn't realize it! ;) What a great question that he came up with too, that would be really interesting to see how the guys think about our blogs!

  2. Lol. I love these boy behind the blog posts. I love that he wants to know of other guys read their wife's blog. Mine certainly doesn't. Ha! Have a fabulous day!

  3. WHAT! Today is Boys Behind the Blog?!

  4. We have matching lucky numbers! I know mine reads my blog, but maybe he's in the minority. x

  5. I submitted that comment too quickly, haha. I'll do my Boys Behind the Blog post tomorrow... probably. I thought March Madness was an American thing?

  6. haha that is an awesome yet horrible trick your dad used to play! I totally love it.

  7. My boyfriend used to read my blog but doesn't anymore. I'd like to force him to answer that question :)

  8. Rob doesn't read mine either!! This is the second time I've seen the #8 for a lucky number today!

    I totally missed BoysBehindTheBlog today. Bah.. already behind the blogging trends and it's only my first week!


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