Friday, March 14, 2014

Random 5 on Friday


My baby girl is doing much better today after a bit of a rough week. Sick toddlers are NO fun, let me tell you. The only good thing is that I get a few more cuddles ;) I was also very grateful that I have *one* sick kid, and not two, yet.


VERONICA MARS movie tonight!! I can't wait! I really thought more people knew about this show and were excited for the movie, but it turns out that it is a bit of an anomaly. Haha. I don't care...I am super excited! Team Logan! This also counts as one of my last "girl's nights out"s until after the baby comes - which will be great! I'm going with a good friend and her sister and we're doing supper first! The only tiny downside is that I won't get to see Molly until tomorrow since she'll be asleep when I get home...but no big deal. Daddy can handle supper and bedtime on his own ;).


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Yesterday, since Brian was home with sick Molly, he made supper (yum)! I stopped by the grocery store before coming home from work and picked up a little bag of Mini Eggs as a treat for him since he had a long day (lol)...he finished them all in less than 5 minutes after Molly went to bed. We also finished House of Cards and reviewed our taxes and found out we are getting WAY more back than we originally thought - bonus!!!


Molly says "I love you too" now when we say "love you!" to her. She has said this in the past when coached to do so (haha), but when she says it back without prompting, it totally warms my heart (and simultaneously makes me want to cry - again, with the hormones! haha). I love the age that she is at now...she has also started asking me why the baby isn't coming yet, and when it is coming. I can't wait to watch her as a big sister. :)


I Hear the Bells by Mike Doughty on Grooveshark
In honour of it being Veronica Mars day, my song today for #BackThatAzzUp is from the "Epic Love" scene in Season 2 (seen below). I'll be talking about the movie a bit on Monday, and also sharing all of my favourite Irish music in honour of St. Patrick's Day (since I can't celebrate it with a green beer this year!).

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Happy weekend, friends :)


  1. That's SO cute that she says 'I love you too' now! I'm glad she's feeling better. :)

  2. I know what Veronica Mars is! I have a friend who LOVED that show and she went to the premier in New York a couple of days ago and she got to meet some of the cast and got pictures with them . She was off the charts happy! :)

  3. I hope she's feeling better! It's so sweet that she's learning "I love you too" Is it your favourite things she's said so far? x

  4. I caught Mark watching Veronica Mars the other day....he claimed he wasn't watching it and was doing work and it just came on....sure...... ;-)

  5. I never did watch Veronica Mars but I really love Kristen Bell. She's probably one of the most down to earth and sweet celebrities I've ever seen interviewed. Love her.
    Glad to hear your little M. is feeling better. Last year, I bought a Costco sized bag of mini eggs and this was before I had Alina. We just motored through that huuuuuge bag of eggs like there was no tomorrow. Not my finest moment, but my goodness, what a treat.

  6. Ugh sick toddlers are no fun at all! I started a dirty little habit of letting Lily sleep on me a few weeks ago when she was sick. (secretly LOVED it!!) but now I can't break the habit! Soooo jealous she says "I love you" back!! I practically beg Lily to say it but she just won't! And can I just say, bravo for catching a hubby that cooks YOU dinner! Hope you have a lovely weekend friend! -Xo Amanda

  7. the flu ravaged our house a few weeks back and kayla was SO sick. don't you feel so horrible and helpless when they're sick? i hope she's well on her way to feeling better!


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