Friday, March 21, 2014

5 on a long-awaited Friday!!!

It's been a busy week with a few poor nights of sleep, but I guess that's my body just prepping for April! lol. I am so happy to see Friday :) I even noticed this morning that there seems to be a bit of spring in everyone's step. It's not super warm out, but it feels better than it has. Brian said this morning that he feels more rested and like himself than he has in weeks (I'm not really sure why he feels this way but good for him!) haha. I'm joining the usual Friday link-ups today here and here.

And here's a picture of Molly and puppy from this week to get things started ;)


I had intended to do a whole post on this, but instead I will just mention it briefly. I LOVED the Veronica Mars movie. If you haven't heard about how it was funded, check it out was all through a Kickstarter campaign that was completely fan-supported. I am not under any illusion that the movie was Oscar-worthy or anything like that, but it tied up a lot of loose ends from the show, it made me laugh, and I loved seeing all the characters again. It's a fun TV series that I could watch again and again and still enjoy. I also love the strong female lead and Kristen Bell does a great job as Veronica Mars. There were also some funny cameos including Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell's IRL husband as a drunk guy at a club, and James Franco as himself. I am definitely going to watch the whole series again and the movie too - it was available for download on the day it came out in theatres!!

PS - the ending was the one I was hoping for, overall, too, but I don't want to add any spoilers in case anyone is curious about who she ends up with!!

We had planned to see Divergent this weekend in theatres, but I think we're going to let that go and just see it sometime after the baby is born. No huge rush...loved the book, looking forward to the movie, but just not up for another "opening weekend" movie event.


If you've never heard of PinterestFail, you are missing out. Basically, people post pictures of things that they pinned and they try themselves. Usually their version will say "Nailed it!" but it looks completely different, or very funny. This one here is a favourite of mine, lol. I've had this experience before myself...and I think this is a bit of a Pinterest fail from this week:

Left is from Pinterest, right is two of our best attempts

Here are a few of the other shots that Brian (engineer, not photographer <3) captured of Molly and me and the baby:

Haha.  A few of them are a bit creepy and weird angles, and these have all been a bit edited, but overall, you get the gist. I don't know why I decided to take these after one of the longest workdays of my life...but I just wanted to get them before the baby arrives!! And Molly always looks cute ;) Does it matter if she was bribed with 2 mini marshmallows for her participation? No. :)


It's Burger Week in Halifax so 50 restaurants are selling burgers for $5 or more and some of the proceeds go to Feed Nova Scotia. So a few co-workers and I are getting burgers for lunch today...yum! Can't wait!


I can't believe that we will have a new little life in this world in 3 weeks or less (they are letting me go about 1 week overdue MAX). I am so excited, a little bit anxious, but mostly very, very excited. The funny thing is that I am trying to keep our house clean "in case" I go into labour unexpectedly, but it is next to impossible with a little 2 year old on the loose!!! I guess I'll just have to do some cleaning when we come home from the hospital - or leave it to my mom when she visits in April ;)

Not the best selfie but this is today :)

I'm also bouncing on the exercise ball as much as possible, at work and at let's move things along that way!! ;)


Can't wait for the weekend...ours is going to include a playdate with Molly's future St FX boyfriend, a housewarming party tonight for an hour or so, watching Frozen and having popcorn with my little munchkin (we'll see if she lasts the whole movie at home), final hospital bag packing and some R&R!! :) One more week of work!!

And a happy little song for #BackThatAzzUp Friday - in honour of International Day of Happiness yesterday :)

You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates on Grooveshark

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


  1. Loving your pinterest fail! My hubby is not an engineer (but certainly thinks like one...) and I am sure our pictures would look very similar, lol.. love it!!

  2. I love Pintrest Fails. Theyr'e so funny. But I think yours turned out well! The pictures are very sweet. $5 burgers?! I want!

  3. You're getting sooo close!! What an exciting time!! So happy for you and your family! :)

  4. Wow you are so so close to your baby's arrival and still looking great! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I had no idea that the Veronica Mars movie was funded through Kickstarter! That's literally amazing! x

  6. Molly is so so so so cute. I love that first picture of her. I bet if you make one of those preggy pictures black and white and softened it a bit- you could pull off the pinterest idea. Do you ever use PicMonkey? If not- give it a go. It's a great free online editor.
    You look great! I'm excited for this baby too! :) AND- I just texted my sister that it's burger week in Halifax. Her husband is a major burger lover.

  7. Your "pinterest fail" was definitely not a fail at all! I thought it was super cute!!! Hope your weekend is fabulous!!!


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