Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Fabulous Friday

Hi everyone!!

I haven't really had the energy or spare time to post on the blog much this week, even though I have a LOT of posts half-written or planned out. I had an incredibly busy last week at work, and then busy times with Molly, a crazy snowstorm on Wednesday (Brian and I both worked from home WITH Molly - busy day), and a lot of sleepless nights due to the baby belly!! is my last day at work (phew) and after today, I am really going to start pushing for natural labour induction!! (i.e. lots of walking, some spicy food ;), squats/bouncing on the exercise ball, and stair walking!). I'd like to go into labour on my own and have the baby around 40 weeks rather than go too long overdue (says EVERY very pregnant woman EVER). :)

Our current chalkboard message at home :)
I also just wanted to say that I really appreciate everyone's kind thoughts and messages lately as I near the end of this pregnancy - I love the support of the blogworld and I can't wait to share our news with everyone soon! :)

Here are my 5 on this lovely Friday:


Last poorly edited elevator selfie ever - 39 weeks and new haircut!


My boss brought us all back these little decorations from Africa this week, which I showed to Molly and she decided it was a hat. She cracks me up.


I discovered The Piano Guys on Youtube this week and love their videos! I love cello & piano, but the videos too are just really epic - a grand piano on top of a mountain type thing!! Pretty entertaining if you're into stuff like that :) Here's one example:


Brian and I used to watch Jeopardy almost every night when Molly was a baby or even before that. I loved it but we obviously got out of the habit once we got a bit busier tending to a 2 year old. We started watching it again semi-regularly and now I find it a nice way to hang out - so I'm thinking I need this Jeopardy app for my phone. I *love* trivia :) We also have Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune for the Wii, which we used to play all the time.


This pin made me laugh this week :)

Have a great weekend, blog world!! :) Here's what I'm listening to this Friday!!

Friday I’m in Love by The Cure on Grooveshark

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  1. You look great for 39 weeks!
    I love Jeopardy and my fiance makes fun of me for it!

  2. LOVE your current chalkboard message ...& that maternity ward door cracks me up! lol :) The Piano Guys are SO talented, aren't they?! I hadn't heard their version of "Let It Go" yet. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday, Heather! Praying for you and baby!! xo

  3. Love your maternity navy/lace shirt! Beautiful! Where did you get that! Molly looks so cute in that picture with the little "hat" :)

  4. Happy last day of work! :) :) I can't wait for this cute little baby!!! :)

  5. My husband and I are trivia fanatics!!! You can learn so much from Jeopardy! Can't wait to see pictures of that sweet baby and hear your birth story!! Happy last day of work!! -xo

  6. Lookin' really good mama!! Haha- I love the Push Push Puuuuuush picture. Too true. Think pushy thoughts lady!


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